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Watching the Internet Mutate

I suspect that the emergence of the internet will mark my generation the same way the birth of personal computing marked my father’s. For a brief period of time, the internet was wild and new, running free and not always … Continue reading

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Ego Depletion

I have been exhausted today, morning to noon to night. Wrung out from the first eye full of sunlight. Yet I survived the day, and now I can bask in my chair and reflect on the quirks of my own … Continue reading

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The Possibility of Creative Dystopia

Kickstarter, Amazon Store, a thousand different online publishers, web comics, iPhone game store. A buffet of new ways for independent individuals or small companies to put themselves on the market place and get in on the action. No longer will … Continue reading

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Creativity vacuums

Creativity and invention is much more about seeing a problem and finding a novel solution than it is about suddenly mashing bits of junk together with SCIENCE! We don’t invent things in a vacuum. That movie genius who glances at … Continue reading

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