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Art Hoarding

Art hoarding: The moment you wonder why you have acrylics, watercolor pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks with duplicates, watercolor paints, two full sets of H to B pencils, forty colored pencils, three brands of kneaded erasers, four different kinds of … Continue reading

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A grungy woman claims that “you do your work (being art) not because you want success or to be read. It doesn’t matter if only 50 people read it. You do it because its your caaaaaaaaalling!” That is hippie bullshit. … Continue reading

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Anime’s Shackles

Anime is in an odd place right now, caught in a whirlwind of trope-tastic character definitions and a tenuous business model heavily reliant on long tail sales.  Animation is not cheap.  Just like in Hollywood, that expense acts as a … Continue reading

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