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26 year old college student just thiiiis far away from being rich and famous off blogging. Penchant for roleplaying games (video and tabletop), psychology, and politics.

Watching the Internet Mutate

I suspect that the emergence of the internet will mark my generation the same way the birth of personal computing marked my father’s. For a brief period of time, the internet was wild and new, running free and not always … Continue reading

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Art Hoarding

Art hoarding: The moment you wonder why you have acrylics, watercolor pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks with duplicates, watercolor paints, two full sets of H to B pencils, forty colored pencils, three brands of kneaded erasers, four different kinds of … Continue reading

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Genre Consensus

One of the most crucial and least visible pieces of a successful tabletop roleplaying game is genre consensus. This has nothing to do with mechanics as written, balance, or meta-gaming. Genre consensus is an implicit agreement on the fundamental nature … Continue reading

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A grungy woman claims that “you do your work (being art) not because you want success or to be read. It doesn’t matter if only 50 people read it. You do it because its your caaaaaaaaalling!” That is hippie bullshit. … Continue reading

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Yahoo wears Tumblr like a backwards hat

Yahoo’s new CEO has decided to buy Tumblr. This is a mind-bogglingly bad idea. Let’s take a look at Tumblr and see if we can figure out why dropping a clean billion dollars on the hot trend is a terrible … Continue reading

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March highlights

  Highlights from the last few weeks of drawing. I can draw a freehand circle now. ¬†Weiiiiird.

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Ego Depletion

I have been exhausted today, morning to noon to night. Wrung out from the first eye full of sunlight. Yet I survived the day, and now I can bask in my chair and reflect on the quirks of my own … Continue reading

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Convenience Rotes

Convenience Rotes Modern occult as a genre is doing well right now – just look at the number of slutty vampire hunters with werewolf boyfriends on the bookshelves right now. This is neither good nor bad. I just finished reading … Continue reading

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The Possibility of Creative Dystopia

Kickstarter, Amazon Store, a thousand different online publishers, web comics, iPhone game store. A buffet of new ways for independent individuals or small companies to put themselves on the market place and get in on the action. No longer will … Continue reading

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Why I Dislike Steampunk

I realized today during my work out why I dislike steampunk. Novels are escapism, by and large, and steampunk is escapism to a world choked with smog, where women are objects, blacks are invisible, and the oppressively stiff rules of … Continue reading

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